February 25, 2011

The Hangover 2

The official teaser trailer for The Hangover Part 2 has finally come out! The movie is due to debut Memorial Day 2011.

February 24, 2011

Throwback Thursday

A young man finds himself attracted to a female, in which she invites him over to her house. After that night, she bit him and he turns into a vampire. He was just an ordinary high school boy, but now life is different for him as he has turned into a vampire. Trouble arises for him when a vampire hunter tries to hunt him down and kill him.

February 23, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

I think the ending of this movie was pretty predictable. It is about an adopted high-school senior named Danny Hughes. His group of friends are the laughing stock of the high school, and they can't even get anyone show up to a "free booze" party. After being grounded from stealing beer from their family grocery store, Danny finds out his biological parent's died in a car crash, and left him their porn magazine company which is worth 87 billion dollars. As Danny turns into a nobody to Mr. popularity, he forgets about all of his friends that he had before. Check out the trailer.

February 22, 2011

The Runaways

The movie is based on a True Story about a band named "The Runaways." Record producer Kevin Fowley is it a club where he finds Joan Jett, and they start talking about forming an all-girl punk band. Joan is a guitarist, so Kim pairs her with Sandy West, who is a drummer. They then go on to look for a face to the band, someone that can sing. They then go on to recruit Cherrie Currie, because they like her look, and she can also sing. Fowley books a tour, signs them to Mercury Records, and packs them off to crowds in Japan. But then, the movie takes a big turn after jealousy arises. Check out the trailer.

February 20, 2011


Will Burton is a kid that gets picked on in high school. In the beginning of the film, he moves to a school in New Jersey where he choses to become a different person. Here, he meets new people,including his Sa5m, which she tells him about Bandslam, an annual music competition which the winning band gets a contract. He then meets Charlotte Barnes, and she later asks him to manage her band(since he had a lot of music knowledge), to beat her ex-boyfriend's band in bandslam. The movie takes a lot of twists and turns, but I'd recommend watching it. Check out the trailer.

February 17, 2011

Throwback Thursday

Today's Throwback Thursday movie is Adventures in Babysitting. It is about a girl named Chris Parker going through an "adventure" babysitting Brad, and Sara. The story develops after Chris's boyfriend Mike Todwell stood her up. As she is babysitting, her friend Brenda calls Chris and tells her to pick her up from the train station, because she is stuck there with no money, after she ran away from home. But on their way there, she runs into a lot of encounters after her car catches a flat tire.

February 14, 2011

Play The Game

Before I start, I just want to say this is honestly one of the best romantic-comedies I've seen in a while. It is about a "player" named David, who tries to help his "Grandpa Joe" finally get over his wife that recently died. But while helping him meet new women, and introducing him on how to "play the game", Grandpa Joe explains to David about settling down, and finding a companion that would be suitable for him. David then meets Julie, and tries to "play the game" to figure out how he can finally be with Julie. The ending of this movie was also very good.