January 21, 2011

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

The movie Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son will be the third movie from the Big Momma's House franchise. After watching the trailer, it looks like it will be pretty funny, especially since Martin Lawrence will be returning for this film. Malcolm Turner, has been going undercover as "Big Momma" since the first film. In this movie, his teenage stepson Trent Pierce visits him while he is working on a case and witnesses the criminal murder somebody. To keep Trent safe, Malcolm goes undercover as Big Momma for the third time. In addition to this, Trent also goes undercover as Big Momma's great niece "Charmaine Daisy Pierce" at a performing arts' school for girls. Meanwhile, Trent tries to develop a romance with one of the girls as his real self while "Big Momma" is being pursued by the school's goofball janitor Kurtis Kool(which has a fascination for big women). The trailer is found below.

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