January 26, 2011

National Lampoon's Going The Distance

The movie National Lampoon's going the Distance I thought was a pretty good film. It is about a guy named Nick, who looses his virginity to his girlfriend, Trish, on the last day of school at a party. The next day, Trish tells Nick that she found an internship in Toronto with a guy named Mr. Swackhammer, who's main goal is really to hook up with her. A couple of weeks go by, and Nick buys a plane ticket to go visit her, and propose to her. But his friends, Dime and Tyler get him drunk, so he misses his flight in the morning, so they go on a road trip to get there. Nick's parents want him to stop being so into Trish, so they hire a man to try and get him to not arrive at Toronto. On the way, they find two hitchhikers, Sasha and Jill, who Dime and Nick fall for. I couldn't find a link to the trailer, but there is a clip of the movie below.

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